2.   Set up your Auto-Responder to
send out the STEP 1 email for you. 

-- Log into your LCPB account.

-- When you login, you should land on the "Dashboard" which is the main page.

-- On the "Dashboard" page, you'll see a menu on the left side.

-- Click on System Tools / Auto Responders

-- On the "Manage Auto Responses" page you'll notice two groups of messages:

Active messages    and     Available messages

Locate the list of “Active” messages and then you'll see  "Available" messages listed underneath, on the BOTTOM half of the page.)

-- Look for "0000 Messages" in the top selection of "Active" messages. It usually IS NOT listed in the ACTIVE group.  You'll need to move it into your ACTIVE list.

So, find it in the BOTTOM list of "AVAILABLE" messages and click on the YELLOW
Load All 0000 Messages  " link,  to add it to your "Active" list.


-- When you have the "0000 Messages" listed in your "Active" group (in the top list), click on the tiny "+" (plus sign) in front of the 0000 to open and view the email messages.

-- Then, you should see this:

        0000                                Send Instantly                    Put Your Subject Line Here            Edit Message View  

-- Click on the "little clipboard with a red pen icon" on the far right side, next to a magnifying glass. (you should see it just like the example shown above)

-- Scroll more than halfway down the page to the place where you can: "
Edit The Auto Response Message"

-- Copy and then paste all of the following SUBJECT LINE and use it for your message's SUBJECT LINE:       

     STEP 1: Christian Founded ~ Online Income Club

-- Then copy the email MESSAGE below "exactly as it is" and then paste it in to use it as your email Message. DO NOT EDIT IT AT ALL. DO NOT PUT YOUR NAME OR ANY OTHER INFORMATION IN IT. NONE!!!  The auto-responder will do all of that automatically for you when it sends an email out for you. DO NOT change anything in the email. NOTHING. Just copy it and paste it in and SAVE IT!!!! 

 ======= Start of  Auto Responder STEP 1 Email ======


(If you don't see an "X"... don't stop copying!  INCLUDE BOTH Xs IN YOUR EMAIL.)


STEP 1: Christian Founded ~ Online Income Club

Hello. Blessings to you!

Thank you for your interest in joining our Christian founded
Online Income Club. (the OIC)  

Our group was founded by a born-again Christian, a believer
in the Lord Jesus Christ, and we choose to give the living God,
Jesus Christ our Lord, all the glory for our success!
(Refer to Deuteronomy 8:18)

We are working together to build a significant income
from home via PROVEN and TIME-TESTED
Home Based Businesses and Online Business Opportunities!

STEP 1: 
This STEP explains what we do, and gives you "a little
assignment" to show us that you agree with what we
are doing and also shows us that you know how to Copy,
Paste and use Emails
  : )  
Our members really need those 3 skills.
Please read and then follow the instructions on the  following STEP 1 web page.
CLICK the link below to go to the STEP 1 web page:

If you have any questions or need any assistance,
please give me a call or send me an email.
I'll watch for your REPLY to this email! (as instructed on the web page)

After you successfully completed STEP 1 above and I have
received your qualifying Reply (as directed on the web page),
I will send STEP 2 to you!

We look forward to helping you build a real income from
home ASAP!   :  )

In His abundance of grace and glory,
Be Blessed,
In Christ,


P.S. You are also invited to join us in reading the bible daily.
-- Read 1 hour a day. It takes approx. 100 - 130+ days to finish it.
(3-4 months)
-- If you are new to Christ and/or to the bible, we suggest you start
by  reading the New Testament first.  
(I spend most of my bible time, in the New Testament.)
-- You may want check out this helpful bible app:

We pray all God's blessings upon you in Christ our Lord.



=======End of Auto Responder STEP 1 Email======

-- AFTER you have copied and then pasted in the email MESSAGE above...you need to CLICK the button to "Update Message".

You are finished setting up your auto responder!    GOOD JOB!



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