3.   Set up Web Page Information 

If you have any problems making your webpage
Please Do  NOT contact LCPB for Support.

Please, just Contact Your OIC Coach
and the OIC Team
for any
webpage building support. Thank you.


-- Click on "Your System Pages"

--Click on "Capture Pages"

-- Scroll down the page.

-- Find Capture Page 0023

-- Click under the thumbnail image for Capture Page 0023 to

-- Scroll down to PAGE SETTINGS.

-- Click on "Meta Data"

-- COPY AND PASTE the information below into the appropriate fields listed under the
Meta Data Section.

Page Title:

Christian Founded ~ Online Income Club


Christian founded Online Income Club. We teach people how to make a real income from home. Work with our team of online income builders. This is networking, network building at it's best. Free Training to Make SERIOUS Income From Home using a very Small Budget. Work at home training. Tap into Home Based business, Affiliate Program and Online Opportunity success with us! We love to Praise the Lord together too!


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-- Then move down to "Page Data" and click it to expand its options.

COPY AND PASTE the following information into the appropriate fields
in the Page Data Section.

Lead Group:  Select –  0000   for your lead group.

For Redirect URL put this EXACT URL. Do NOT change it at all:


(The link above needs to end with "wowincome". Do not change it.)


-- Click on "Page Variables" to expand and show those options.

-- For Background Image put one of these numbers:

A. "Beach with Beach Chairs" background image: 00723 <click numbers, see images

B. "Beach with Palm Trees" background image: 00724

C. "Palm Trees w/Golden Sand" background image: 00724

D. "PalmTree Hammock" background image use: 00713

E. "Golden Sky Sailboat" background image use: 00318

F. "Grass Field w/Clouds/Sky" background image: 09504

G. "Grass Hill w/Sun" background image: 00308

H. "Snowy Mountains" background image: 00325

I. "Water/Mountains" background image: 00319

J. "Dove in flight" background image: 02029

K. "Ocean Foam / Painting" background image: 01052

L. "His Abundant Blessings from Heaven (Jewels falling from Heaven)"

background image use: 01050   

(It might not give you control...it may "default" to match my background. (?) If you want something different, give it a shot, it might let you choose.)

-- THEN, so you have the correct "Submit" button on your webpage, you need to change the number for the "Button ID".

For your "Button ID" put: 10465

-- Then scroll down to the big red button and click to 

GOOD WORK!!!   : )

In Part 4, you will add the HTML Code !  : )


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