Welcome to STEP 4!


You have built your webpage!  Way to go!

It is very important that you really KNOW how to easily build the OIC webpage.

If there is anything that you struggled with while building your webpage, you need to study that part and learn how to do it easily.

Contact your coach and get it figured out together, so it's clear and easy for you to do.

It is VERY important that each networker, knows how to easily build the OIC webpage because you need to be able to teach others.

Plus you need to know your way around in the LCPB back office.

Your coach is building a team of Network Partners who are ready and ABLE to train others!

If you need ANY help in becoming more efficient in building the webpage, simply ask your coach to help you. They will get on the phone if needed and walk you through building another webpage.

PRACTICE, practice...practice.

If you will practice....it will become very simple.

Now, why would you need to really understand how to EASILY make the webpage?

Because your coach wants to build a team of people who are able to make the webpage all by themselves.

People who can build the webpage, can help their own team members build their webpage.

Your coach only wants to have to personally teach, one-on-one, maybe 5-10 people.

If you don't know how to teach people how to build their webpage, then guess who you are going to call and have teach all your people how to make their webpage?  That's right...YOUR coach.

So to be considered as one of your coach's 5 TOP 3%ers, be a diligent learner and make sure you can teach others how to build the webpage.

If you want to be a SERIOUS OIC MEMBER, you need to be a SKILLED Networker who knows how to train others...correct?

Don't get me wrong, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with not knowing how to put the webpage together.

BUT ...there IS something wrong if you won't ask for help and/or you don't want to learn how to do it yourself.

So if you really want to be a top 3% networker, simply spend some time to learn how to make the OIC webpage correctly and easily.

Ask your coach to help you with ANYTHING you are having problems with on the webpage.

Your coach wants to know where you need help.  It is very important for us that we know where and how we can help you.

If we don't hear from you, we think you are fine and don't need any help. So PLEASE give us a call or send an email if you need any assistance.

If you understand how to make the webpage...and can help others make theirs so it functions correctly!!! ..and IF you DO Your Marketing... then YOU are a STAR MEMBER in our Network!   Because, that's all it takes!

Now...let's move on to marketing!

~:~    ~:~  ~:~

Be SERIOUS about your
(NOT Traffic Exchanges, unless you really want
to just waste your time. Plus TE traffic does
not count towards your 500 weekly visitors, because
we have NEVER seen good results from them.)

We are each looking for "Serious Leader Types" to NETWORK
with, in order to build our team of TOP 3% Earners!

IF YOU will DO  the "work" (IE. your Marketing and TRAIN others!)
YOU can be a TOP 3% earner!  That's what it takes.
It boils down to making the simple "Top 3% decision" of...
Doing What It Takes To DO Your Marketing.
>>> That's it! <<<

THAT'S what WILL separate YOU from the 97%ers!
D O I N G  Y O U R  M A R K E T I N G !

~:~    ~:~  ~:~

OIC Team Advertising ROTATOR!
Please ask your upline coaches
to forward you the email about
the LIVE CALL regarding our NEW
OIC Team Advertising ROTATOR!
: )

~:~    ~:~  ~:~

  Here's THE SHORT Version of STEP 4: 

  • When you finish this step, make your STEP 4 draft and send it to your coach, so they can check it for you.

  • Find your Tracking Link in the STEP 4 email that your coach sent to you. To see the STATS for a tracking link, just paste your goo.gl tracking url into the address bar in your browser and put either a   .info   or a    +    sign on the end, and it will take you to the page that shows you your stats!

  • Send Quality Visitors to your tracking link using Safelists. Using Credits that you have collected for free by viewing other members websites, OR by purchasing credits or SOLO ADS from the safelists of your choice.

  • Here are some pre-written Subject Lines and Email Messages that you may use when sending your emails out at Safelists. Just choose the Subject Line and Email body that you want to use and copy and paste it into your email: Click Here for pre-written ads!

  • Here are some OIC Banners that you may use:
    (When setting up banner ads: Click on each thumbnail to see the full banner. Select a banner, use its "Direct" link URL for Image location. Use your OIC Webpage Tracking link URL for "Target URL.")

  • Keep marketing, UNTIL... someone sends you a Reply to their STEP 1 email!  READ the REPLY they send to you!...and be sure they know how to copy and paste and follow directions. They also need to be listed in your OJN genealogy tree!  IF it's ALL there...and they are listed as a free member with you in OpenJacket, send a copy of your STEP 2 draft to them. (Woohooo! Praise the Lord!)

  • As they successfully complete each STEP...send them the next one.  IF THEY NEED to fix something in their draft or are not doing something CORRECTLY...send them information on what they need to fix!!   You need to be sure that the people YOU are COACHING are getting GREAT Training from you; by YOU making sure they UNDERSTAND AND COMPLETE each STEP correctly.

  • Your goal is to just find ONE person to take through the training.

  • Then find ONE MORE!

  • Keep marketing! Watch the tracking links of the people you are coaching to see if they are actively building with active OIC members. (Focus on helping those who are serious and are taking action!)

  • Keep Marketing!...and Watching Your Network, until you have 5 SERIOUS TOP 3% OIC Members in Your Network who are doing the same! (They are the ones who are doing the necessary marketing and are training others...to get TOP 3% RESULTS!!!YOU are Looking For Your 5 SERIOUS STAR OIC Members!!! They will stand out from the rest. Your serious 5 TOP 3%ers will rise to the top (like "cream" rises to the top) "separating themselves from the crowd" by hitting a Home Run with their marketing efforts!!! Woohoo!

  • WHEN you have 5 TOP 3% TYPE of Networking Partners!!! Congratulations!

  • GRADUATE FROM OIC BOOT CAMP (You could be making a Monthly Residual Income Already...Just from Boot Camp!) and NOW...tada!  YOU are READY TO STEP INTO REAL ONLINE SUCCESS with the OIC!

  • Help the serious people whom you coach, do all of the things listed above.

You can get started right now!
Or read on if you feel you need more training...

OK, OK....Here's the VERY LONG version of STEP 4:


From this point on, it's just marketing and training others.

Welcome to the place called "marketing"...
this is where you need to pitch your tent and dig in your heels...
because this is where we'll be living for a while!

All you'll do in marketing is...GO FISHING!

You will do a LOT of "FISHING!"

OK...Most of you already belong to some safelists.

I know this because most likely, that's how we found you!

So if you do belong to some safelists, you can just look in the "STEP 4" email you received from your coach and look for the "Marketing tracking link" your coach made for you to use in your marketing.

It should be in the STEP 4 email your coach sent to you. Once you have that, you can start mailing to the safelists that you already belong to!

We have some pre-written ADS that you can use in you emails:
Click Here for pre-written ads!

Just copy and paste from the selection of ads and subject lines.

And be sure to use your tracking link with your emails. That way your coach will see all of the marketing you're doing!

Also, here are some OIC Banners that you may use:
(When setting up banner ads: Click on each thumbnail to see the full banner. Select a banner, use its "Direct" link URL for Image location. Use your OIC Webpage Tracking link URL for "Target URL.")

As you do your daily marketing your coach will be able to see your work by viewing the results on the tracking link you are using.

Your coach is looking for SERIOUS members who are skilled at making the webpage and who are doing their daily marketing!

To be taken as a SERIOUS Team Builder, you need to get over 500 Quality Safelist Visitors to your tracking link weekly. (That's a good goal. That could bring you a couple of SERIOUS members quickly. Just USE GOOD Safelists! If you don't get a good amount of clicks on your tracking link from a safelist...it's not a good one that is real ACTIVE and you are wasting your time using that safelist.)

You want at least 100 visitors a day. That means 100 people have actually "Clicked" on an email that you sent through a safelist, and those 100 have gone to and visited your OIC webpage.

You CAN do your marketing for free...but it will cost you...TIME.

But it can be done. Just spend time daily clicking at Safelists to gain credits, then use those credits to promote your OIC Tracking link.

Lots of our members us the FREE method.

BUT, if you don't want to spend your time "clicking" for credits and if you have the funds available, just purchase your credits or upgrade your account so you get the "upgrade" perks, to build your credits faster!

THE BEST thing to do is to buy Solo Ads from your favorite Safelists! 
It must be from a very ACTIVE Safelist!

People quickly learn that they get A LOT more credits at safelists by clicking on the safelist's Solo Ads! for the most credits for your view!

Therefore more people will click on ALL the Solo Ad emails FIRST!!!... before they even start clicking on any of the regular safelist emails.

(And of course the more costly ($10+?) "Contact" Solo ads, which give even MORE credits per click, produce even BETTER results than a regular solo ad.) But a regular solo can bring lots of good traffic and clicks to your site too!!!

~:~    ~:~  ~:~

Now, for those of you who don't know what a


  ~ What's a Safelist? ~  


A "Safelist" is a list of people whom have all submitted their email address so they can send and receive email ads from other members of the safelist.  So, it's "safe" to send an email ad to this list, hence the name safelist.

Most safelists have FREE memberships. But you do need to click on email ads from the other members, to get points so you can send your ad out.


Or, if you have the funds, you can purchase credits.


Most safelists give some credits to all new members to help get them started.


Upgrading does have it's perks, like extra mailing credits and not needing to view as many emails. You can get LOTS of credits for referring others too. (that's just ONE of the great reasons for our team to all try to join under each other!)

Only build your credits up at a handful of safelists. Or as many as is
doable and realistic. Don't over burden yourself by trying to work too many safelists.


There have been many tests done over the years and the general consensus seems to be that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days to send to safelists. 


(hummm?! currently, I am sending ads out on Friday and Saturday too, because the people who work 9-5 have time to go online over the weekend to look for more income opportunities. So...I'm not too sure about the "statistics" anymore. And I've seen some good results.)


OK...well the "consensus" goes on to say...that the majority of emails are opened throughout the day but about 80% are opened between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. (EST).  So, having your ad or email delivered in the morning is the optimal goal. Sending an additional afternoon ad can be beneficial too. (but change the ad, don't send the exact ad and subject line out twice in the same day to the same list.  I don't recommend posting your ads real real late or in the wee hours either.)


Now...all the members of any safelist will also be sending email ads to YOU!


 YIKES...you'll get a TON of emails!

So before you join any safelist, go to Gmail again and make 2 more free gmail accounts so you are ready to receive a TON of emails.

You’ll need 2 new email accounts because some safelists will ask you
for 2 email addresses.

  • 1 to use as yourlist” email address where the whole list of members will be sending ads to you.
  • And 1 to use as your "contact" email address, where admin can contact you and also send only special emails to.

So you need to get 2 new addresses for your marketing, something simple like this:

1. AdEmail@gmail.com   (receive list emails here)
2. AdEmail2@gmail.com.  (receive contact email...from admin.)

(or use your initials somehow)

Here's the FREE Gmail sign-up link: 

(Remember to use the teams "Organizer" word document or something similar to keep track of all your accounts.  It should of been attached to the STEP 3 your coach sent you . If you haven't download it, you may want to do that now. If you can use "Word.")

Once you have your 2 new marketing email addresses, you will be ready to join some safelists.

   ~Marketing with Safelists~    



Marketing is just like going fishing.


We will be fishing in a sea of Safelists!

And you will see LOTS of SHINY LURES!!!

(So, keep your wallet in your pocket and don't get caught by one!)

When you are marketing online, it's very important to...

KEEP... YOUR... FOCUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • VERY IMPORTANT! We're not looking for anything to join!
    You will see A TON OF ADS coming your way in the safelists. Every new thing on the net will be flooded your way in the form of an shiny new ad to try to get you to join them....
    No, No, NO You ARE NOT set-up to be successful in any of these yet.
    (AND...You ARE NOT the fish! So Don't Bite!  YOU are the fisherman here!  So Keep Your Focus! You are doing the fishing, so keep your focus and get the job done. You are just getting credits to do your mailings and sending out YOUR ADS for the OIC. That’s it.)
  • You are qualifying the fish in the pond with your ad and website.
    Our webpage does a great job of qualifying people for all of our different businesses  (we currently have some great ones on our list!  Remember? 
    FourCornersAllianceGroup, GDI, JerkyDirect, FreeToolBox, MyFunLife (LifeStartsAt21), and AverageJoeProfitSystem. As more new businesses come along and as some older businesses go...this list can change too.) So remember, your OIC efforts are not just for one business!  You don't want a long list of "looky-loo's" either.  You are only interested in serious...take action...get the job done..."NOW" type of people who are really ready TO JOIN YOUR OIC TEAM ...NOW, to start building real success with YOU today.
  • Your only goal is to BUILD A QUALITY OIC NETWORK for yourself. You are just building yourself a small network of 5 online business partners. And you are just looking for ONE! to train, now.

You will need to put lots of fishing lines (ads/safelist emails) out there

and  then just....wait.

And keep putting more lines out there...and keep waiting again.

Then put more out there...and wait some more.

Then put more out there...and wait some more.

Then...when you get a notification from LCPB saying,

"Congratulation! You have a new lead!"

that means that your system has sent out a STEP 1 to your new lead! Woohooo! (Just keep marketing...you are waiting for a SERIOUS person to REPLY to the STEP 1!)

Then keep marketing until you get another LCPB "Lead"Notification!

Then keep marketing until you get another LCPB "Lead"Notification!

Then keep marketing until you get another LCPB "Lead"Notification!

Then keep marketing until you get another LCPB "Lead"Notification!

Your system has sent out so many STEP 1s, so your start thinking... ...What's Wrong? 

Well, nothing is wrong.

You may have to send out...20 STEP 1s before you find a "serious" person!  (remember...97% don't follow through...you're looking for a very special 3%ers!)

That's just the way it is. 


Welcome to the world of internet and online marketing!

So keep marketing and keep getting those STEP 1s out...until FINALLY...
you find "A KEEPER!!!"...someone who actually takes action and qualifies!

... AND who moves through the steps and is truly ready to build serious income!


We Are Not "building a list" like most other onliners are doing.
WE are building a premium team of SERIOUS TOP 3% INCOME EARNERS.


We ONLY bring in very high quality, top notch, team leader types that persevere and finish the job.

80% won't go past STEP 1.....really!!!!

and some of the 20% that do...won't follow through.


And they will shine! (They just keep marketing and they persevere... because they will have slow times. But they are the ones that just keep going! THAT'S WHO YOU WANT FOR A BUSINESS PARTNER!)


You WILL have lots of people peeking around and not hear back from them when you send STEP 1. But that's good. You only want to work with people who qualify for this caliber of a wealth building and who are serious. So just wait and keep marketing and you will get pass all the "looky-loos"!


Now this takes awhile but that's OK and it's soooooooo worth it!!!!


You can just keep testing more and more Safelists, and KEEP FISHING.


Spend LOTS OF TIME DAILY clicking for credits if you are trying to do it for free. (OR, if you are able to BUY your Safelist Advertising it just takes a few MINUTES!  Just buy, perhaps a Solo Ad at your favorite Safelist...and then, send out your Solo! ...BAM! DONE in just a few minutes! Or UPGRADE for more advantages!)

The sooner and the more ads you send out...the faster you will reap the reward.

So do what you can, as much as you can. Until the job is done.

~ Work like a REAL Team ~

If you already belong to a handful of safelists you can get started with your marketing now!  woohoo!!!

At this point, make sure you have received your special “tracking” link from your coach, for your
OIC webpage.

(It should of been included in the STEP 4 email that you received. If it's not there, PLEASE email your new OIC webpage link to your coach and ask them to make a goo.gl tracking link for you to use in your marketing. Thank you. )

The "Google URL tracking link" that your coach made for you at goo.gl is the link you should use for all of your OIC Marketing! Because this way, your coach can see all of the marketing you are doing by looking at the results on this tracker!



Just paste your goo.gl tracking url into your address bar in your browser and put either a     .info    or a     +    sign on the end, and it will take you to a page that shows you your stats!  It's pretty cool!

Either one will work:



goo.gl is a free, simple and very informative tool!

It will show your coach all the great marketing you do daily.



Some places don't except the goo.gl links. If that happens I usually go to "TrafficAdBar.com" (TAB) and list my goo.gl link as one of my websites there. Then I take the TrafficAdBar (TAB) link that they make (that has my goo.gl link in it) and use that TAB link in the places that don't accept my goo.gl link. I find that most places do accept the TAB link.


Because...since you are already skilled at making the webpage (because you took the time to practice, practice, practice! ) and you are doing your marketing every day...your coach is going to see you as one of their 5  SERIOUS OIC Members!

Because of your serious marketing...YOU WILL GET RESULTS!

The more serious you get about building your OIC Team, the sooner you will be ready to step successfully into our first SERIOUS INCOME generating opportunity.


ANYONE who is diligent in doing their daily marketing to good safelists will see results.

I hope you are on-board with following through with us in this TOP 3% Team Building Plan because this is about building a "SUCCESSFUL" TOP 3% INCOME EARNING NETWORKING TEAM.

Everyone's FIRST goal should be to build a network that is:
5 WIDE....and at least 3-4 levels deep. (with no empty spots, where every active and serious member has trained 5 too!)

We really do want every serious member, to end up in the top 3% of the online network marketers. (making OVER $17,000 a month...is a VERY nice goal.)

But DEPTH is extremely important!!!! and Xtremely Powerful.

The point I'm trying to make is...if you have a network of online buddies...and that network is built just 4 wide and DEEP...7 levels deep...you can have the income of your dreams. (but we are going 5 wide!)

If you want to make this kind on income, you really need to focus on building and suppor
ting your team's DEPTH!

Don't let an incorrect draft, be used by someone YOU are training!

Be very careful to duplicate properly!

And train your team to do the same. Show them by example.

The first thing we need to see from you is...
that YOU are SERIOUS about making this kind of income!

So do your marketing daily.

Get at least 500 real quality visits to your webpage weekly!

(If you need help knowing how to do this? Ask your coaches for help! You have 3 coaches that you can contact.)

Now's the time to show your coach that YOU are serious by doing your marketing and even when it's a slow season, KEEP doing your marketing and just focus on THAT!

Your first goal is to find just ONE serious online person to train, and get them into their Marketing for the OIC.

THAT'S IT...Then do it again!


1. You know how to build the OIC webpage and you can help your team build theirs.

2. You get at LEAST 500 (some people get over 1000!) QUALITY SAFELIST visitors to YOUR webpage weekly. And you are ABLE to do enough marketing TO GET RESULTS. (Solo Ads will really help accomplish this and can bring faster results...without being tied to your computer for hours.)

You have good communication with your team, YOU HELP THEM and you are building a team of SKILLED LEADERS!
4. You can visually SEE your teams growth in your Starter Businesses!



                Please remember!                
 In OIC you never have to buy any product 
   or join ANY program unless you want to.  

            It's always your choice.

Once you have built some income in OIC...woohoo!...and have built your shoestring budget into a profit of enough to where you feel comfortable paying another ongoing $10 monthly cost, it is VERY IMPORTANT for you to consider joining our next little biz with our OIC team! (AFTER you have your team.)


This little business is VERY important to us because this is where we get a true visual view of how our OIC Network is building!!!

It's important to be able to see what's going on in your OIC Network.
You will want to see line by line how well each member is building their network and see the full extent of how wide and deep any one part is being built.

Let me give you an Example...

Let's say Sue joins your network and Bill joins her.
Then Bill starts training Cathy and Kim.
Now Kim brings in 5 new members.

WOWIE ZOWIE...you want to be able to view all of this activity without needing to keep track of it manually. Because with any REAL success... this could get very tedious and laborious.  (no thank you)

It's important for you to be able to SEE what's happening in your network and to be able to watch it GROW before your very eyes.

So we each pay $10 a month at a little place that offers us the opportunity to build a network/matrix that has unlimited width and goes 5 levels deep.

Can you imagine trying to keep track of this on your own????

A 5X5 network has a lot of people to keep track of!

level 1      5 people

level 2     25 people

level 3     125 people

level 4     625 people

level 5     3125 people


It's well worth the $10 a month (out of your profits) just to watch the spontaneous growth as it happens!!!  I hope you agree.  (and you'll make monthly residual income here too! woohoo!

We only use this little $10/mo opportunity for our Online Income Club Members.  We only use it as a place to view our OIC Network's growth.
Please don't market your referral link for this little business, outside of our team. 
Don't bring in any people who are not SERIOUS OIC Members.

Thank you!

This is only for people who are very serious about being ON OUR OIC TEAM!!!

If you are not 100% "in" and committed to this team, please don't join this little biz through our team link. Thank you very much.

We ask people NOT to promote our team link outside of our OIC Network and to keep it ONLY for passing on to the SERIOUS members you are training.

That way we can see the OIC's growth very clearly and accurately.

A Birds Eye View of Our Team's Growth!
That is the main reason why OIC wants
to join this 2nd business opportunity.

AND...this 2nd business is...drum roll please!.......
GDI (Global Domains International)  : ) 

(PLUS, they do have some very cool tools, like conference calls and other biz related tools that we can use for OIC!  And Oh...you will get a website domain name too.)



Start marketing your OIC webpage and your SERIOUS members WILL join YOU in the starter business and they will start building too.

Then, LATER...when you have built up to where you have 5 SERIOUS networking partners AND when you have the funds (from the Starter Businesses) and you feel comfortable paying another $10 monthly fee, you may join us in GDI.

When you see that your tiny budget has grown to a HEFTY budget...
and you have 5 serious networking partners building the OIC with you,then you will be ready to start looking at some real opportunities.

So lets build up your Network and your Budget first!

Start marketing and find that ONE person to take through the OIC training.

Then find ONE More.

Keep doing this until you finish your final goal of having a network of 5 people who ARE SERIOUS about building their team/network of 5! (That's 5 serious, marketing and TEAM BUILDING, OIC TOP 3% INCOME EARNER Type of Members! People who will get the job done. Like You!)

OK, let's recap!
1. Build your OIC Network by finding one person to connect with and walk them through the OIC Training. (Finally, you'll want 5 SERIOUS OIC Networking Partners that have 5.)
2. Build your income via the STARTER Businesses
Global Domain International [GDI] ($10 a month, out of your profits AFTER you have a team/network. When you're making at least $10/month in profits from the starter businesses.)
4. Graduate from OIC Networking Bootcamp!!! woohoooooiiiieee! YOU HAVE A NETWORK AND A HEFTY BUDGET and YOU are ready to step into REAL online success, like a TOP 3% EARNER, with the OIC TEAM!

Just wait until you see what comes next! ...woohoo!

Can you say...."Praise the Lord!!!!!  Thank you Jesus!!!!"


Thank YOU Jesus for the wonderful members you bring to this team!!!

Remember...we are here to make a  LOT of income promoting lots of GREAT PRODUCTS and BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. 

So you MUST HAVE a deep network of well trained networkers in place if you want real success.

We are talking about life changing success.  Once you build a strong network



    Your Assignments    

1.) Get 2 Gmail accounts to use for your marketing to Safelists.


2.) Make your personalized copy of the STEP 4 email at the bottom of this webpage and send a copy of your finished draft to your coach.

As usual, the email is found at the bottom of this webpage.
Send a copy of your finished email to your coach so they can check it, to make sure you didn't miss anything.
Make sure you just copy (from the bottom of this webpage) from the first "X" to the bottom "X".

3.) Go back to the STEP 4 email you received from your coach and...
FIND the
goo.gl tracking link your coach made for you to use in your marketing.


4.)  If you don't already belong to a handful of Safelists, ASK your coach for a list of the the ones they get results from. (they'll probably have loads of referral links. But you only need to work with JUST a handful of active Safelists or you will be spending too much time clicking for credits.)

is a good day to start MARKETING!

Here's the page for some pre-written ads to use at SAFELISTS:

Also, here are some OIC Banners that you may use:
(When setting up banner ads: Click on each thumbnail to see the full banner. Select a banner, use its "Direct" link URL for Image location. Use your OIC Webpage Tracking link URL for "Target URL.")

6.) Choose to be a TOP 3%ER!
IF YOU will DO  the "work" (IE. your Marketing and TRAIN others!)  YOU can be a TOP 3% earner! 
That's all there is to it.
It boils down to YOU making the simple "Top 3% decision" of...
Doing What It Takes To DO Your Marketing.   >>> That's it! <<<

Now, get out there and separate YOURSELF from the 97%ers!



AND PRAISE GOD for HIS BLESSINGS!!! Glory to God, forever.

Stay in touch with your 3 UPLINE coaches and show them, by your marketing efforts and team building, that YOU are one of their SERIOUS OIC Members!!! All of their contact information should be listed in the STEP 4 email that your coach sent to you.

When you get a STEP 1 reply from someone "who can copy and paste and follow directions"...simply send them a copy of your STEP 2 email draft!
BUT ONLY IF they >>  sent a correct reply to STEP 1 <<<
send them STEP 2...and so on, taking them through all of the training.  CHECKING their work and links in their drafts too!

Simply help them and walk them through each step.  Become their networking partner, get to know them and work with them to build an OIC Network together!  That's it!

You are just out there looking for Serious Business Partners.

  When you send out any STEP, always Bcc the email to your coaches too, so they will see the steps you send out. (Bcc is where you add your coaches' email addresses too, to the emails that you are sending out. "Bcc" means Blind Carbon Copy,
where the main person you are sending to won't see your coaches' email addresses, but your coaches will get a copy sent to them too.)

Most importantly...remember to spend time daily with the Lord.
Always keep HIM as your number one priority. Christ is FIRST.
Without Him, we can do nothing. Without Him your work will be laborious and a heavy burden that is unfruitful.
Keep the Lord FIRST, always.  Let Him carry the load. He will bless the work of your hands. And your load will be light. HE makes you fruitful.

ENJOY and Be Blessed! 
In Christ,
Your "Online Income Club" Team


   To God be the glory for our success.    

I pray, The Lord our God, give us each wisdom and favor to bring in the people whom He wants us to bless with this training.

I pray favor and blessing upon each member, for them to prosper and delight in all the goodness of the Lord and His provision. Bless us that we may bless others. I thank you Lord, for the fullness of salvation in the risen Lord and I pray that your hand continue to be upon us as we build this network across the USA and around the world. May we be used to bless many, to praise Your Name and to sing of your glory and goodness forever! Lead us by your Spirit to be good stewards. For Your Kingdom. In Christ Jesus' name. Amen.


 Make your copy of the STEP 4 Email below and
send A COPY of your finished DRAFT to your COACH.

STEP 4 Email:
STEP 4: Marketing and Building Your OIC Team
  (Only copy from X to X.  That's all that goes in your emails.)


Coach...please make sure to do a good check
of the webpage your student made BEFORE
you send them this STEP 4.

Their webpage should:

1. Send them a notification of their new lead.
2. It should send STEP 1 to the email address
that was submitted.
3. Their STEP 1 email should have THEIR name
and contact info at the bottom.
4. They should also have their NAME at the
bottom of the Capture Page where it says,
"Presented by (Name)."

After you have checked their webpage,
auto-responder message and STEP 3 draft,
and they have made any needed changes,
please go to
goo.gl and make a "Shortened
Link" (Tracking Link) for them to use for their

them to use in their marketing, into the email
below before you mail this email to them.

Then send them this email which will also
give them their marketing Tracking Link!!!



STEP 4:  Marketing and Building Your OIC Team



Hello and blessings to you!

Great job on your OIC Webpage!!! woohoo!


Here is a tracking link I made
at goo.gl, for you to use for your marketing:



Now...this next lesson is a long one.

Take your time.  Just read half today.



#2. Then ask your coach to send you their referral
links for their good Safelists and "viral" Mailers.

Here is a OIC Team Referral Link to a good
safelist source: (There aren't lots of members
yet, but they have a good list of safelists
on their "Top Resources" page
. Please join for FREE
and put your referral link into your STEP 4 draft.)


OIC Team Referral Link for


(Please join this for FREE Via YOUR COACH'S
referral link


After you join via your Coach's OIC Referral Link
go to the "Top Resources" page and join some of
the safelists there! (put your referral links in
after you join them and be sure to "SAVE"

If you are already a member of some good safelists,
you could be ready to go!


Since you have come this far, we believe
you are probably very SERIOUS about building
OIC!! woohoo!!!

Therefore, we want you to have contact
information for your UPLINE in the OIC.

You may call any of these coaches for
any help in building the OIC.

We are all here to support you and
REALLY want to help you succeed.

Here's your UPLINE in the OIC:

I am your coach:
My name is:
(your name here)
My phone number is:
(your phone number here)
My email address is: (your email address here)

My coach is:
(Phone Number)

My coach's coach is:
(Phone Number)

We are all so happy to have you on our team!


We look forward to helping you build Real
Online Success with our OIC!!

(Always Change and/or remove any "orange" text as needed)
God bless you,
Phone Number
Email Address



To make a Tracking Link
for someone you are coaching:

  • Copy the URL for their new OIC webpage. (The one you need to make the tracking link for.)
  • Log into Google URL Shortener here:  goo.gl   (Be sure to log in under your OIC Training EMAIL ACCOUNT ID.)
  • Paste in their OIC URL. (where it says "Paste your long URL here:")
  • Click on the blue "shorten URL" button.
  • Find the "shortened URL"
  • Copy their new Shortened URL and paste it into the place provided, in their STEP 4 email before you send it.
    (The Shortened URL is their Tracking Link.)



Take time to pray EVERYDAY and spend time with the Lord!

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness;
and all these things shall be added unto you."
atthew 6:33  (King James Version)
Click Here for the audio of Matthew 6


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