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This site was founded by a born-again Christian.  A believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.
John 3  ><>   Deuteronomy 8   |   John 1:9-20    |   1 John 4:9  |  YES! GOD HEALS IN 2018!
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We give all praise and glory
for our success to God Almighty, Jesus Christ our Lord.
(We found the websites above online. We don't know them. They do not know us and they do NOT endorse us.
We only share these links on our sites to hopefully bless others.)

Welcome and Thank You for your interest
in joining us!

Greetings and blessings from the OIC.

We pray the Lord will use the OIC to bless many people across the USA and around the world. It's our hope that all our active members will build a REAL SOLID Residual Income together from home!

We pray that our members will put an eternal purpose on their work and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit to be good stewards of God's provisions and blessings.

We pray you will be blessed, to bless others. (Colossians 3:17 ESV) And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.


First, here are some important upfront facts about the OIC,
so everyone is informed quickly:

We are not a business
. We are a Team Building, Training and Feeder System for building Serious, Monthly, Residual Income from home.

It's our goal to equip our members and help them build REAL MONTHLY RESIDUAL INCOME through our selected MLM (Muliti-Level-Marketing) Home Based and Online Business Opportunities.

Our members are serious and eager to break into the TOP 3% Income Earner Status in the MLM Industry. We help our members move towards these goals by teaching them how to create a Network of Business Partners and we help them start making a Real Residual Income Online ASAP by plugging them into time-tested and well established MLM business opportunities. Our POWERFUL "INCOME BUILDING" System was created to assist our members in hitting their Top Tier Targeted income goals.

We DO NOT approach friends or family to build the OIC or the related businesses.
We DO NOT guarantee any income for anyone.
We ARE NOT a Business and we do not take anyone's credit card information. We do not charge anyone for our training.

If anyone joins any of the businesses that we recommend, that is between them and that business. Our members must do their own due diligence before they join anything that we recommend,
and our members take sole responsible for any loss that may incur from any business that they decide to join.

If you cannot afford to lose the money, PLEASE don't join it. Period.
Everyone's income is determined by the results of their own efforts.
Each person is solely responsible for their personal gains and/or losses

Only the OIC Selected Home Based Businesses and Online Business Opportunities (and within our team build in those) are to be promoted to our OIC members. If you have another business or team that you are promoting, you cannot promote it to our members. You cannot promote an outside business, income opportunity, or income team/group, etc. to our members. We are not a marketing or promotional site.  We do not allow any cross promoting. There are many sites that have been created for promotional purposes, please use/support those for your marketing needs.

Here's what we have planned for you!

FIRST we introduce you to our BOOT CAMP.

Here's our team-wide GOAL for Boot Camp:

For every serious OIC Member to connect with and create a circle of at least 5 NEW MLM BUSINESS PARTNERS WHO ARE ALL - PROVEN BUYERS AND PROVEN BUILDERS

We also want ALL OIC Members to be making a good monthly residual income even while you are still in our Boot Camp.

Here's our STEP by STEP plan:

  • In STEP 1

      You just need to read through this webpage that you are currently on and learn what we are doing as a team. THAT IS YOUR STEP 1 MISSION!   : )

    Then to move forward follow the directions at the end of this page to let us know that you are ready to move forward as a Serious OIC Member, ready to start building and ready to start making an income ASAP! (Follow the directions at the end, showing us that you can copy, paste and use emails.)

    When you successfully complete STEP 1, we will send STEP 2 to you.

  • In STEP 2 

    At this point, you know our team plan and have decided to move forward with us.
    In STEP 2 y
    ou will get your OIC Coach's referral link for our first business, Scriptures4us (S4U).
    To help our team start making a residual income ASAP, we start off with this wonderful Christian business that has a product that offers 90% Commissions and builds RESIDUAL Income.
    - No fancy or confusing pay plan
    - No "Pass-ups"
    - No matrix
    - Just awesome 90% Commissions on your direct personal sales of their main Auto-Program! (w/90% Residual Commissions)
    Please take a good look at the business via your Coach's referral link in STEP 2 of our training. THEN, TO JOIN OUR TEAM, PLEASE JOIN US VIA YOUR OIC COACH'S REFERRAL LINK. The business, Scriptures4us (S4U), is available in the USA and Canada Only.
    (Just the $19.95/mo Auto-Program is now available to OUR Canadian OIC Members!)
    OIC STEP 3 and beyond, are a BONUS for serious team members who have purchased the S4U $19.95 Auto-Program with us.

    It appears that I need to repeat I'll do that now...
    Moving to OIC STEP 3 and beyond
    , is reserved as a
    BONUS for serious business partners who have decided to purchase the $19.95/mo Auto-Program in S4U.  ($19.95/mo w/90% commissions. This one product is also available to Canadian OIC members.)
    THE OIC IS BUILDING A TEAM OF SERIOUS MEMBERS whom are ALL eager to build with us. We have seen that some people never get serious about doing their marketing, so to help them weed themselves out... only serious members can move forward from this point. We hope this small $19.95/mo commitment will move ALL our members to be serious about their marketing too.

    Also in STEP 2, you will learn how to make our team emails. (copy and paste simple)

      When you shine as one of our serious business partners and complete STEP 2, we will send STEP 3 to you.

  • In STEP 3  (STEP 3 and beyond, are reserved as a BONUS! for serious business partners who have decided to purchase the $19.95 Auto-Program purchase in S4U.)

    You will copy and paste your way to making your FREE OIC Webpage.  (Step-by- Step instructions will show you exactly what to copy, paste and click.) 
    When you successfully complete STEP 3, we will send STEP 4 to you.

  • In STEP 4 

    We'll talk about using Safelists to do your marketing.  Most of us just use safelists, but you can use any form of legal marketing that you are familiar with.

      When you successfully complete STEP 4, we will send STEP 5 to you. After you complete this step, you can start promoting your OIC webpage!

  • In STEP 5 

    it's just a reminder overview of what a person does to complete each step along the way.


    The first Team Goal is for each OIC member to have at their first 2 OIC Business partners, ASAP!

    When you have just 1 sales in S4U, you'll make all but about $2 dollars back, from your $19.95 purchase! 

    When you have JUST 2 serious OIC BUILDERS working and building the OIC with you, you are MAKING A MONTHLY PROFIT, and therefore, you are welcome to join our team build in GDI using your incoming monthly profits from S4U! (Or you can wait until you have even more profits first.)

    Then, keep promoting your OIC webpage and build your OIC Team/Network to where you have at the very least 4 direct OIC business partners who are building their OIC network too!

    When you have at least 4!... you can join us in TrafficWave!!!
    (Using your S4U profit only, to pay your way into TW!)

    Then... keep building until you have AT LEAST 5 SERIOUS OIC BUILDERS working with you!

    You need to have 5 OIC Business Partners who are all building their OIC teams, before YOU graduate from OIC Boot Camp!

    (FYI: If you already belong to any of these businesses that's OK because they allow members to have more than one account. Check it out for yourself to be sure.) These starter businesses, especially GDI and TrafficWave, are important to have just as a solid foundation in case anything goes wrong with any of the other business(es) in the future. That way you will continue to have your team together and can still make monthly residual income from these 2 dependable business resources. (They bring some great tools to the table too!)


We plan on having 4, but currently there are 3 Starter Businesses in our "BOOT CAMP" TRAINING.

1. Scriptures4us (S4U) For USA and Canada Only. THIS IS THE FIRST "STARTER BUSINESS" THAT WE FOCUS ON BUILDING TOGETHER AS A TEAM.  WE ARE A TEAM THAT IS WORKING TOGETHER TO BUILD THIS BUSINESS IF YOU WANT TO JOIN US AND GET ON OUR TEAM IN THIS CHRISTIAN BUSINESS, YOU CAN JOIN WITH YOUR OIC COACH IN STEP 2. (Our continued training comes as a "BONUS" to serious members. (Our members who purchase an Auto-Program at S4U for $20/mo, are seen as our serious members and we continue training them to help them build this business.) (Also, 1 of their products, is now available to OUR Canadian OIC Members too!)

2. GlobalDomainsInternational (GDI)If you are already a member of GDI that's OK, they allow multiple accounts. (Check with GDI about multiple accounts, to be sure for yourself.)
Our members buy this using their OIC PROFITS ONLY - Members cannot just "buy" their way. You MUST use OIC profits only to pay for your GDI membership. Members DO NOT have to join this. Only join if you want to. You can always pass your OIC coach's referral link to your OIC team instead of joining.


3. TrafficWave (TW) If you are already a member of TW that's OK, they allow multiple accounts. (Check with TW  about multiple accounts, to be sure for yourself.)  Our members buy this using their OIC PROFITS ONLY - Members cannot just "buy" their way. You MUST use OIC profits only to pay for your TrafficWave membership.  Members DO NOT have to join this. Only join if you want toYou can always pass your OIC coach's referral link to your OIC team instead of joining.

When you have completed all of the above and you have a team of AT LEAST 5 direct OICers who are building too and you are in our team build at S4U, GDI and at TrafficWave..... WOOHOO! have completed the OIC Boot Camp AND you have a OIC Network of Business Partners joining you in these wonderful and powerful starter businesses!  PRAISE THE LORD!!!!  GLORY!   : )

When you have completed
Boot Camp...

After your team is built...You could/should already have a
very nice
monthly residual income
starting to come in at this point!

Just through S4U, GDI and TW,

there is Boot Camp income "POTENTIAL" of
well over
$4,000+ monthly in residual income just
with these 3 Boot Camp starter businesses!

(There is NO guarantee of any income. Any income is determined by the results of your own efforts.)


ONLY OIC Boot Camp Graduates qualify for PHASE 2 
where we introduce you to our TOP NOTCH MLM BUSINESSES, which sell beautiful

Gifts and TRAVEL!

Our members use OIC Boot Camp
P R O F I T S   O N L Y

to purchase these.

These 2 final options WILL NOT be available until after graduating from OIC Boot Camp. 
Because first we help all of our members build a circle of online business friends/partners and help them build the income to buy or join these 2 later options
using their OIC Boot Camp profits ONLY

At this point,
your success in these
2 final options takes no
extra effort on your part.
Use/Join these only IF you want to.


(and later...other possible payment options,
per each business opp. or program)

It's VERY important that every OIC member has a functioning PayPal Account.  YOU are solely responsible for being able to make payments or receive payments from any business. You need to be able to make payments and receive funds VIA the accepted payment processing accounts, according to each business' options. This is between YOU and each business. We have no control in those options. The businesses make those options available as they choose. The accepted payment options may limit your ability to join some or all of the businesses. If you do not have the required funding vehicle for any given opportunity you will not be able to join that program or business. (Most businesses will have more than one option to choose from, but we have seen some rare cases where they ONLY accepted Paypal.) This is out of our hands and there is nothing we can do about this. You will need to "pass" on a business if you do not have access to any of their payment processor options, and you will need to give your OIC Coach's referral link to your team, for those businesses/programs that you do not join.



We use safelists for our marketing.

It takes time to do your marketing. If you are going to try to do your marketing for FREE, you will need at least 2 hours a day (if not more)  Monday - Friday for your marketing.




Please read our Terms and Conditions

This STEP 1 assignment shows us that you agree with what we are doing as a team and also shows us that you have all of these necessary skills to complete our training.

Our members need to have these skills:

  • You need to be able to copy and paste
  • You need to be able to use emails (reply to the STEP 1 email you received)
  • You need to be able to follow instructions

All the skills listed above are necessary for moving through our training.

To continue with us, please do the following to complete STEP 1:

1.)  Copy the email message below from "X" to "X" and paste it in as your reply to the STEP 1 email.

2.)  Then, be sure to add your electronic signature: Name, Phone Number and Date at the bottom before you click to send your reply. 

3.)  Also put the name of the place where you found my webpage and joined me from. (What safelist or ad place did you find my webpage at? Thank you!)


Hello OIC,

YES! I am very interested in building, working and
growing an income online with the OIC!

As instructed in PART 1, I'm sending this note as
my reply to the STEP 1 email I received earlier.

See...I do have all of the required computer skills!  : )

I have read the Terms and Conditions and by
moving forward with the OIC, I accept and agree to
follow the Terms and Conditions.

I understand that cross promoting is NOT allowed.

I also understand that Online Success takes some
actual work on my part. I'm ready to take on the challenge
of stepping into real Online Success. I am not a quitter.

I WILL do the necessary SAFELIST marketing to send at least
500 quality safelist visitors weekly, to my personal
OIC webpage for as long as it takes for ME to get the victory!

I am serious about generating a REAL income online.

I am IN! 

I'm ready go get started. 

Let's do this!

This is where I found your OIC webpage:

Name of the Safelist or Ad Place: _______________

Here's my electronic signature:
(your first and last name)
(phone number)
(today's date)


----------- Only copy above this line------------


That's it!





Thank You Jesus.  John 3:16  (There's New LIfe in Christ.)

Who are you in Christ?

(Acts 2:37-39)

37 "...Men and brethren, what shall we do?”   38 Then Peter said to them, “Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.  39 For the promise is to you and to your children, and to all who are afar off, as many as the Lord our God will call.

(John 3:5-8)
Jesus answered, “Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit. Flesh gives birth to flesh, but the Spirit gives birth to spirit. You should not be surprised at my saying, ‘You must be born again.’ The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.”


 John 10:27    My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.

God Bless You.

I found this pastor online.
He does not know us at all, and he does not endorse us in any way.

 LISTEN to his sermon from this week and be blessed:

More sermon choices here:

 Join weekly online via their LIVE STREAM on Sunday - Pacific Time 9am and 11:30am


All Information, Videos, Tools, Training & Resources Are Subject To Applicable Copyright Laws. Copying Of Any Sort Is Strictly Prohibited And Illegal. Copyright - All Rights Reserved Internationally.

We declare and decree the protection and covering of the Blood of the Lamb of God,  the Lord Jesus Christ, upon this OIC Network. To God be the glory for our success. Amen.


By the simple act of joining us, all members agree to and accept our Terms and Conditions.


John 3  ><>   Deuteronomy 8   |   John 1:9-20    |   1 John 4:9  | 

(We found the website above online. We don't know them personally.
They do not know us and they do NOT endorse us
We only share these links on our sites to hopefully bless others.)

We give all praise and glory for our success to God Almighty, Jesus Christ our Lord.


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