The Christian founded Online Income Club
Founded by a born-again Christian. A believer in the Lord Jesus Christ.
  John 3:16  ><>   Deuteronomy 8:18   |   John 1:9-20   |   1 John 4:9    
 We give all praise and glory to God Almighty, Jesus Christ our Lord. 

Terms and Conditions


"OIC" stands for the Christian founded "Online Income Club".

I'm sorry to even have these Terms and Conditions, but unfortunately it has become necessary to put these together for all of our protection.

For the protection of the OIC and all OIC Members: NO CROSS-PROMOTING ALLOWED.
Do NOT use our members, our training, website, emails or any part of the OIC to promote another business or income opportunity.

You must keep the OIC completely separate from anything else that you are marketing. No links to any other opportunities are to be part of the OIC in any way. Not even in a signature line in an email.
We have quickly learned how necessary it is for us to aggressively protect the OIC and all of our members from all cross-promoters.

A cross-promoter is someone who tries to market any outside business or program to any of our members.

A cross-promoter came into our group and cross-promoted something to a member and that member joined the cross-promoter in a business where our member then lost some money.

The member then said The OIC was responsible for their now, we have a NO TOLERANCE POLICY for cross-promoters and for people who don't take responsibility for their own actions and choices.



Members use our site, training and anything not listed here, as is and at their on risk.

You are solely responsible for any loss that you may incur in any way or form. 

We do not take any kind of "payments" from anyone.

We do not request any payments be made to us and we do not collect any
credit card or payment information from anyone. We do not make any "charges" to anyone.
The OIC is not a business and we do not charge for our training. It is free.



Everyone automatically accept and agree to these terms and conditions, just by using our site(s) and/or training or anything not listed here.

Our training teaches what our group of Independent partners are doing to make an income online. The OIC training is not absolutely perfect and has flaws and is only to be used AS IS and at your own risk.

To protect everyone from any loss or damage, everyone may only use any part of the OIC, our training, suggestions or anything not listed here, at your own risk and at your sole responsibility for any outcome, whether positive or negative.

We are a group of independent partners who have the goal of working together online.

Each person who uses anything from the OIC is independent and takes sole responsible for their own actions and choices. We are each building our circle of personal OIC business friends and we are each using the OIC training to equip our OIC friends with all with the necessary skills, knowledge and tools, with the hope of generating residual income together online.

We will make some business, tool and other recommendations but each member must exercise due diligence and check things out for themselves and take sole responsibility for your decision to join or use any of them. If you join anything or purchase a tool, your relationship is with that business/tool or  whatever it may be..

MAKE sure you know their rules and be sure YOU KNOW how to cancel if you are not happy with them. Find out if they have a guarantee or a "No Money Back" policy BEFORE you buy a product or join any business. THAT IS YOUR SOLE RESPONSIBILITY.

YOU need to exercise due-diligence BEFORE you join anything and you take sole responsibility for any loss that you may incur.


Our training will highlight our suggested businesses, tools and other, that our members can join and build together in the OIC. OIC Members DON'T "have to" join nor participate in all or any of the businesses, tools or other that we suggest. Exercise due diligence and only join or participate in or use the ones you want.  It's always your choice. We do not force anyone to join or purchase anything. When the time comes, if you decide not to join any one of the suggested businesses/tools/other with the OIC Team, you can offer an OIC upline member’s OIC Team Referral Link for that business/tool/other, to your group of OIC friends, giving each person in your group the opportunity to join all suggested businesses/tools/other with an OIC upline member as their sponsor, without you needing to join that business/tool/other yourself.


Our current LIST of businesses/tools/other is subject to change as we may continue to selectively populating our portfolio with the best available options. 


Any reference to income is only an example of our goal and what is mathematically possible. Each member's income is determined by the results of their own efforts. Everyone's income will vary.  We Do Not GUARANTEE any income for anyone.


We have an official OIC webpage. This is the only webpage allowed for marketing and promoting the OIC. You may NOT change it in any way. You are not allowed to add to it nor promote another opportunity  through the OIC webpage. (Adding a link to another business or opportunity is NOT allowed.)


If you have any kind of problem with any businesses or opportunities, that is solely your responsibility between that business/tool/other and yourself. We are only suggesting that you consider what we show you. We are just offering information and showing you what we are doing ourselves. Use our information or suggestions at your own risk.


You must be at least 18 years of age.    


If you do not live in the USA, you may not be able to participate in all of the programs that we will be introducing you to.


It's VERY important that every OIC member has a functioning PayPal Account.  YOU are solely responsible for being able to make payments or receive payments from any business/tool/other. You need to be able to make payments and receive funds VIA the accepted payment processing accounts according to each business/tool/other payment options.


We are constantly improving and updating every part of our training and program. We reserve the right to continue to do so, as we see necessary for the betterment of our program. Any changes can be made to this page and/or to the training pages, etc. It's your sole responsibility to review them periodically. Your continued association is your continued acceptance of our terms and conditions and training, etc.


You must be able to read and communicate clearly in ENGLISH. Everything here is done only in English.    


All Information, Videos, Tools, Training & Resources Are Subject To Applicable Copyright Laws. Copying Of Any Sort Is Strictly prohibited And Illegal.  Copyright - All Rights Reserved Internationally.


By joining the OIC you are agreeing to these terms and conditions and are agreeing to be legally bound by them. (Basically, just be a responsible person and take sole responsibility for your own actions. And by all means, never spend any money that you cannot afford to lose and/or not make a profit from because that is always a possibility.)  This service is provided "as is", and we shall not be responsible for any loss of any kind, direct, indirect or incidental damages from use or abuse of our service, loss of data, mishaps, unfortunate events, even all things not listed here, etc. If you are not happy with us, your only and sole recourse is to end your partnership/fellowship with us. We reserve the right to change these terms as necessary, whenever necessary. This agreement is subject to change by the OIC at any time. Changes are effective immediately and in retrospect when posted, without notice to each individual member.
It is our goal and desire to offer our assistance to help others, giving/offering them tools and knowledge. We are only trying to offer good here. These Terms and Conditions are only here because some people try to harm others and we want all OICers to be protected from those types of people. We plead the blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ our Lord, over our fellowship and ask for His blessings, wisdom, favor, peace and protection to each OIC friend/member, in Christ. Amen.


No cross-promoting allowed.

We do not allow any cross promoting in the OIC. WE ARE VERY SERIOUS. And we are also serious about everyone being completely and solely responsible for their own actions, choices, gains and any and all losses that they may incur. Our members use our training, system, and suggestions, as is, and at their own risk and must exercise due diligence, taking solely responsible for their own actions.

A cross-promoter may even start off by telling you that they are not cross-promoting, as they step right into their act of cross-promoting. When someone says "I'm not cross-promoting" ...that's a big red flag that what they are doing, is most likely...cross-promoting. BE WARNED and WATCHFUL.

People need to be watchful for cross-promoters and DO NOT join any programs, businesses or other, with them. You could lose money by joining ANY businesses, program or "opportunity".  

If it is your OIC coach who tries to cross promote to you, we suggest you re-join the OIC with a respectful upline OIC coach, or with any respectful OIC member. (We suggest that you leave the association of anyone who cross-promotes to you and that you do NOT join any business or program with a cross-promoter.) 

You may send a copy of the following email to anyone who attempts to cross-promote to you:




Members may use this email if every needed.
We pray, our members will NOT ever need it.

NO cross-promoting allowed in the OIC.
A cross-promoter is someone who uses the OIC to market any
outside business or income producing program or opportunity.

The OIC is not a marketing site.

No part of the OIC is to be used to promote other businesses.
You may NOT cross-promote to any OIC Members.
(Not even in a signature line. That is definitely cross-promoting.)

If it was done by someone you are coaching, you may send them a copy
of this email so they will be aware of the cross-promoting, and will
be reminded of the importance of not cross-promoting through the OIC,
and/or to any OIC members.

If you feel you have been cross-promoted to by your OIC coach
we strongly suggest you rejoin the OIC and get a different OIC coach,
Perhaps by just asking one of your respected current upline coaches to
work with you directly, due to cross-promoting issues with your current coach.
(As suggested in our Terms and Conditions.)
Re-join the OIC, and (if possible) any or all OIC suggested businesses
ASAP, with a respectful OIC Member who does NOT cross-promote to you
or to your team.

It may be best to just start working directly with a respectful upline coach.

If an upline member (other than your direct coach) has cross-promoted
to you, let your coach know so you may all start working under a respectful
line of sponsorship together, keeping your respectful team intact.

We suggest for you to start working directly with a respectful coach in
your current upline. 
(Letting them know about cross-promoting issues.)

Now let's all do the right thing, and move forward together.

Thank you and God bless every one of you.
In Christ,

Your OIC Team




 That's the end of our Terms and Conditions for all friends and members of our OIC network!









 We declare and decree the protection and covering of the Blood of the Lamb of God,
the Lord Jesus Christ, upon this OIC Network. To God be all glory. Amen

By the simple act of joining us, all members agree to and accept our Terms and Conditions.

All Information, Videos, Tools, Training & Resources Are Subject To Applicable Copyright Laws. Copying Of Any Sort Is Strictly Prohibited And Illegal. Copyright - All Rights Reserved Internationally.

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