Step 2  - Session 3  Training

Let’s get to work...

Here's what you will be doing to complete your STEP 2 Training:

1. Get a new Gmail account to use only for OIC. (Optional)

2. Make your copy/draft of the STEP 2 email, and send a copy to your coach so they can check it for you. (We'll show you how in the video below.)

When you have successfully completed this lesson and…
Your coach has received a good copy of your finished STEP 2 draft.
Then your coach will send STEP 3 where you make your OIC Webpage! (just copy and paste)

▶ Get a FREE Gmail account to use for OIC only.

It's important that your training and network building doesn't get lost with other emails so we ask everyone to please get a new free account to use for your OIC TRAINING ONLY.

Get a free Gmail account. Click on the link below, or copy and paste it into your address bar:


After you have your new Gmail account, please continue...



▶ Learn how make your copies of the training emails

--- You are on the STEP 2 training webpage right now.
--- Your copy of the STEP 2 email is at the bottom of THIS webpage.

Watch the short video below closely
or you won't make your email drafts easily and correctly....

Watch Video: Making your Training Emails

(FYI: I don't use my real name or phone number in the examples in this video. That is simply because I don't want my personal information, name and phone number floating around freely on YouTube.  Thank you very much for understanding and for your grace.)  Thank you, Nancy
(Of course we put our real information in all our emails that we send out.)

When this video was first made, we didn't have an auto-responder to send out our STEP 1 emails for us...BUT WE DO NOW.  PRAISE THE LORD!

So the video will show you how to make the copies of the emails for your training, but you will not have to make the STEP 1 email because you will be setting that up later in your auto-responder, which will automatically send out your STEP 1 email for you.

You will only be making the STEP 2 email draft today and the other drafts
later as you go through those lessons.

--- You are on the STEP 2 training webpage right now.
--- Your copy of the STEP 2 email is at the bottom of THIS webpage.


Each training webpage always has that STEP's Email at the bottom of the webpage. Just copy the email that is posted at the end of each lesson's webpage, from the top "X" to the bottom "X", to make your own personal email draft of that STEP's email.

Make your copy/draft of the STEP 2 email now and send a copy to your coach.


▶ Make your STEP 2 Draft and send a copy to your coach

Here's the STEP 2 email to copy :




Welcome! STEP 2: Christian Online Income Club - Get Started.




Welcome and Congratulations on joining us.
We are blessed to have you with us.

To complete STEP 2:

1-- FIRST click this link and read the
STEP 2 training webpage and get informed:

2-- Make your STEP 2 draft. (following the instructions
on the training webpage above.)

3-- Send a copy of your STEP 2 draft to me.
I will check it to make sure it is correct.

When you have successfully completed this step
I will send STEP 3 to you so you can make your
OIC Webpage!

Praise God! You are on your way.

Be blessed in all that you do, 
as you continue to walk by faith. 
Be led by His precious Holy Spirit,
In Christ,


Here are some extra goodies.
Christian resources we've found online:
-- Bible app:
-- Free Online Discipleship Program:
Some of their videos, found on YouTube:
Eliminating Poverty And Financial Lack
Living under An Open Heaven

-- MyFaithRadio

We pray all God's blessings upon you in Christ our Lord.



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